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It's unfair how good Legends of Tomorrow is. Who would have thought that a show with a pretty rocky and formulaic start would turn into the smartest, best written and most progressive of all the Arrowverse shows? Legends has reached Agents of Shield territory with how they're able to balance weird and fantastical plot points with serious topics with real world implications. We never would have thought an episode with a giant squid monster in Japan would tackle the very real trauma of Japanese citizens in the wake of Hiroshima. But that's exactly what this episode did. And it worked. 

Not many shows can have a scene where Ishiro describes walking in the ashes of his neighbors then end with a fight between a giant squid monster and a three-breasted warrior princess. Yet here we are. The only thing that needs to be asked right now is: Are you watching this show? And if not, why not?

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