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We start this episode with an impromptu review of Titans from Dpalm. Let's just say Dpalm is sick of DC's shit. 

It's ridiculous that Titans is so bad when DC has a show like Legends of Tomorrow that perfectly balances the crazy and fantastical, with real emotional issues. This episode goes from ridiculously silly to the Legends about to send a creature to Hell for simply existing, not because it did anything wrong. We love how the theme of this season seems to be about those persecuted by human kind and now getting their revenge by not wanting to be wrongfully imprisoned again.

Here are some things that stood out to us:

  • Nate & Gary...Time Bros
  • Ray really is the moral center of the team, even if he doesn't know it
  • The Legends believe they're the ones that unleashed this magical evil but could it really be Constantine?
  • Well that's one way to get Amaya back on the Waverider

Kriss and Dpalm record the Mailbag at the end of every month. If you want to send in your own questions and thoughts, email us: Mailbag@MTRNetwork.Net

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