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*We start this episode with a special message about how to donate directly to black women affected by Harvey. Here are the links you need (they're case sensitive):

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On this Labor Day Weekend Insanity Check, Kriss is joined by Ashanti (DocuDrunks, Scarestalgia). We talk Joel Osteen and prosperity preaching, Antifa vs Neo-Nazis & the dangers of "both side-isms", Cops violating people's rights again and more. Oh and Ashanti gets her fun in by talking sports. Yes sports.

Make sure you stick around for the last 11minutes for a special message from Latoya about the FEMA response and how to get help because of hurricane Harvey.


  • Joel Osteen is a scam artist
  • Prosperity Preachers are basically pimps
    • Juanita Bynum and her $5000 pen & $20,000 threshing floor
  • Antifa vs Nazis...its really not a choice
    • This is a bad article on "both side-isms"
    • Really say out loud the differences between Antifa & Nazis to see how silly it is
  • Cops being terrible
  • Great Moments in White Privilege


Ashanti - @NotThatAshanti 

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