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We're back. Kriss is joined in studio by Jaxx (@JaxxDynamite). Jaxx will be bringing his new podcast to the MTR Network and we need your help to decide on the name: Boom Goes the Dynamite or Ratchet & Drank. There will be a poll on Twitter soon and you can also email us what you think.

As for topics, we're able to avoid politics (for the most part) for the second week in the row. We talk about killing Nazis (in the virtual video game world), the word Blerd and the negativity sometimes surrounding it, nerds using being bullied to justify being terrible people, self driving cars and more.


  • The Wolfenstein games are great (Plus you get kill Nazis)
  • The problem with "Blerds"
  • Smart black people who turn on other black people because they got picked on
  • Black male nerds who parrot the same problematic views of white nerds
  • Fox suspends Charles Payne for sexual harassment claims
    • That time Charles Payne whined about the black community to Glenn Beck
  • The Breakfast Club gets space for Dr Wesley Muhammed's idiocy
  • Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro
  • Great Moments In White Privilege
  • Black Woman Shoutout


Jaxx - @JaxxDynamite


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