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Kriss and Phenom review Hotel Artemis. If you go in expecting John Wick and to make that comparison, you're going to leave disappointed. There's been a lot of comparisons to John Wick because of the concept of criminals paying for membership to gain access to the Artemis which is a medical facility for bad guys. While there does seem to be some overlap in the idea of The Continental in John Wick and the Artemis, the comparisons between the films stops there. John Wick is clearly an action film while Hotel Artemis is less about action and more about the interactions of the characters. All the actors in this film play well off of each other and that offers for some really funny moments. Dave Bautista continues to be a stand out in every role he plays. Sofia Boutella is finally given a role where she can show how much of a badass she can be. 

We also take a short detour in this review to talk about the upcoming movies for Dwayne Johnson (spoiler alert: they all sound terrible). How the hell are they making a San Andreas 2?


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