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It's that time again. The whole Super Tuesday Recap team is here (Kriss, Dpalm, Shanna & The Doctor) to preview the upcoming Fall line up of Super Tuesday Shows. Basically it's the entire Arrowverse plus The Gifted. We cover what worked for each show last season and what we're looking forward to this season.

  • Will we see any more of the Bat family (or even Batman himself) in the Arrowverse?
  • The Gifted is already back and they're already hitting it out the park
  • What does The Flash need to do to get back on top?
  • What was the biggest surprise about Black Lightning last season and what do we look forward to seeing this season?
  • The Doctor is really excited about Supergirl returning. How this show went from mediocre on CBS to great on CW
  • What Arrow needs to do to keep pace with the other shows
  • Legends of Tomorrow is the best show in the Arrowverse and everyone should be watching. Matt Ryan's Constantine fits in perfectly

Oh and we sprinkle in some Supernatural slander throughout the show.

Agents of Shield, Star Trek Discovery and Cloak & Dagger come back next year so we didn't include them in this preview but we're still reviewing them when they come back so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss an episode. 

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