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Kriss is back with another episode of the Insanity Check to cover this week's dose of insanity in the world. This week he's joined by Rod (@RodimusPrime) from The Black Guy Who Tips and Jeff (@JeffJSays) from For All Nerds. 

Before we get into this episode though we (Kriss, Rod & Jeff) would like to formally & publicly apologize and retract all the things we said in this episode that might upset someone of the talcum powder complexion and get them to want to seek legal action against us from their 2 - 4 person legal team. We are sorry if you found anything we said problematic and upsetting.  


  • Shaun King threatens legal action against black activists and journalists (we apologize)
  • Justice Together Directors say Shaun King is full of shit (we apologize)
  • Shaun King's wife says she's a black woman and to believe her...and explains why they decided not to sue white supremacists (we apologize)
  • The Gillette ad has men showing their asses 
  • Great Moments in White Privilege

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