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It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you, without a podcast ep...well you get the point.

The Doctor, Joseph and Parrish are back to wrap up season 11 of Doctor Who.  We discuss our impressions of the last two episodes, the New Year Day episode, and the development of the companions.  While we love how the series book ended Ryan and Graham's story, we did feel that it ultimately wound up being at the expense of Yaz, who we hope gets more to do in the 12th season.   Confirmed for 2020 and with the entire crew in front and behind the camera returning, we have many more wonderful adventures to look forward to.  We also review the Melanie McFarland Salon article about the many attempts to tear down the series in direct contradiction to the empirical evidence of the show's success, both in ratings and popularity.  Additionally, we address the different approach to storytelling and how that worked to truly and cleanly reboot the series.

Link to the Jinx Yeo comedy clip 

Link to the Melanie McFarland Salon Article


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