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It's been way too long but we're finally here to wrap up Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery with the last 3 episodes (What's Past is Prologue, The War Without, The War Within and Will You Take My Hand).  We discuss what we thought of these three episodes and our thoughts on the series as a whole (as well as how fast we will drop CBS All Access while we wait for Season 2)

  • Kriss trolls The Doctor over her Burnham-Ash ship crashing and burning
  • Michelle Yeoh Kicks
  • The action pakced episode 13
  • Is Lorca really dead?
  • Tilly & Saru really grew on us
  • Star Fleet almost giving up
  • How the show begins and ends with the journey of Burnham
  • Discovery meets Enterpise? yes please.
  • What we want to see in Season 2

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