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We're finally back with another Character Corner on the MTR Network. This episode is part one of our two-part Teen Titans series. In this first part we talk about the origins of the Teen Titans and their original team of Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Wondergirl. We then move on to Marv Wolfman & George Perez New Teen Titans and the introduction of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke the Terminator. We finish by covering the three-part arc of the Teen Titans and Deathstroke (Judas Contract, Trial of the Terminator and Titans Hunt) which will leave us in a good spot for the second part that should come later this month.


  • The Brave and the Bold #60 - First Appearance as the Teen Titans
  • Teen Titans Vol 1
    • Issue #19 - Speedy joins the team officially
    • Issue #25 - Dr. Arthur Swenson is killed, marks turning point for Titans
    • Issue #45 - First appearance of Karen Beecher (Bumblebee)
    • Issues #50-52 - Titans West
  • DC Comics Presents #26 - The New Teen Titans (Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Beast Boy aka Changeling, Cyborg, Starfire & Raven)
  • Tales of the New Teen Titans
    • Issue #1 - Cyborg's origin
    • Issue #2 - Raven's origin
    • Issue #3 - Beastboy's orign
    • Issue #4 - Starfire's origin
  • New Teen Titans (1980 - 1996)
    • Issue #2 - First appearance of Deathstroke, death of his son Grant
    • The Judas Contract (#42-#44 & Annual #3)
    • Titan Hunt (#71-#84)
  • Tales of the Teen Titans (Volume 1)
    • Trial of the Terminator (#53-#55)

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