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In our first episode of The Character Corner, Kriss & Dpalm discuss the character of Scott Lang (Ant-Man).  We talk about how Scott's character has been a consistent presence in the Marvel Universe. His story is actually pretty easy to follow and when you pay attentiont ot he whole thing, its actually really good. We discuss how the center of Scott Lang's story is his relationship with his daughter Cassie and how it starts with his first appearance as Ant-Man in 1979 and ties directly into his current run in his solo Ant-Man book.

Key Issues:

Avengers #181 - First appearance of Scott Lang

Marvel Premiere #47 & #48 - First appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man

Avengers #223 - Iconic cover with Ant-Man on the tip of Hawkeye's arrow. Hawkeye & Ant-Man take on Taskmaster

Avengers #477 - Scott officially joins the Avengers (also loses custody of Cassie)

Avengers #500 - Death of Scott Lang. Avengers Dissembled

Young Avengers - Cassie Lang joins in issue #2

Avengers: The Children's Crusade 1-9 - Resurrection of Scott Lang, death of Cassie Lang

FF #16 - Scott vs Dr. Doom

Avengers World #16 - Dr. Doom resurrects Cassie Lang

Ant-Man #1-5 - Current Ant-Man solo book

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