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We're wrapping up our Peter Parker Character Corner with the third and final part. We go over (quickly) the introduction of Carnage and then Peter & Harry's final confrontation. Then its on the one of the most controversial storylines: The second clone saga. No matter where you fall in the debate, we can all agree things got a bit out of control. It's not all bad though since Ben Reilly has become a pretty popular character and so despite the mess, there were some good outcomes. We then get into Civil War, One More Day and where Peter is now. Our Rogue Wars character corner covers a lot of the later issues of Peter so you'll definitely want to check that out.


  • Carnage
    • Amazing Spider-Man #344 - Cletus Kasady
    • Amazing Spider-Man #360-361 - First Appearance of Carnage
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man #200 - Harry Osborn Dies
  • The Second Clone Saga (won't list out all the issues, there are too many)
    • Amazing Spider-Man #418 - Return of Norman Osborn/reveals he was behind everything
    • The Clone Saga Mini-Series - 6 issues that follows the original script
  • Amazing Spider-Man vol 2 #38 - The Conversation
  • Marvel Knights Spider-Man 1 - 12
  • Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure - Brian K Vaungh
  • Spider-Man The Other - gives him new powers
  • Civil War #2 - Peter reveals his identity to the world
  • Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1
  • One More Day - Peter & MJ make a deal to give up their marriage to save aunt May
    • The Amazing Spider-Man #544
    • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24
    • The Sensational Spider-Man vol 2 #41
    • The Amazing Spider-Man #545
  • Amazing Spider-Man #638 - 641 - One Moment in Time 
  • Amazing Spider-Man #655 -656 - No One Dies
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • Spider-Verse
  • Spider-Men - 616 Peter meets Miles Morales
  • Clone Conspiracy 
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (the entire run)

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