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T'Challa, Black Panther makes his live action debut soon in Captain America: Civil War. So Kriss & Dpalm are here to break down his history and give you everything you need to know about the first black super hero in main stream comics. If you've been following our other Character Corners & Comic Book Book Clubs then you might think you know everything about the Ruler of Wakanda (and King of the Dead) but you'd be wrong. There's still so much more to cover. We break down what exactly Wakanda is and how progressive the writing for both Wakanda & T'Challa was even back in the 60's. We also talk about the importance of the women in T'Challa's life and explain why the Storm/T'Challa marriage was poorly thought out, unnecessary and executed. Then there's T'Challa's relationship with the other rulers in the Marvel Universe: Namor, Black Bolt and Doom. The rivalry between Doom & T'Challa takes the character to the next level.

Like I said, we cover a lot. So give it a listen.


  • Fantastic Four #52 - First appearance
  • The Avengers #52 - Joins the Avengers
  • Jungle Action #5- #24 - First feature as star
    • #6 - First appearance of Erik Killmonger
    • #19-24 - Panther vs The Klan
  • Black Panther vol 3 (Priest)
  • Black Panther vol 4 (Hudlin)
    • Bride of the Panther Issues 14-18. Marries Storm in issue 18
  • Black Panther vol 5
    • #1 - first appearance of Shuri
    • #10-12 - Prelude to Doomwar
  • Doomwar - Doom takes over Wakanda in order to steal the vibranium
  • Fantastic Four #608 - Becomes "King of the Dead"
  • Avengers vs X-Men #9  - Marriage to Storm annulled
  • New Avengers Vol 3
    • Issue 7 & 8 - Wakanda & Atlantis go to war
  • Avengers (2012) #40  - T'Challa "" Namor
  • Secret Wars
  • Ultimates
  • Black Panther vol 6 (Coates)

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