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No it's not a mistake. This Comic Book Book Club is a non-premium episode so everyone can enjoy it. Kriss and Dpalm talk about the first 22 issues of Transformers More Than Meets The Eye. This is a must read series for any fan of Transformers. Even if you aren't, it still a great book to read. Despite being about Autobots and Decepticons, the book is very dialogue heavy and really "humanizes" the robots. You see them deal with a lot of real "human" issues like PTSD, love, sacrifice, abandonment, betrayal, etc.  The issues are longer than your normal book but it's well worth the read. Check out our discussion and tell us what you think

The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye is an ongoing comic series published by IDW Publishing, starting in January 2012. This series follows the adventures of Rodimus and his team as they travel through space, hunting for the legendary Knights of Cybertron and having adventures along the way. But mostly it's about lonely nobodies hanging out pretending they have friends.

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