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On this episode of Movie Trailer Reviews, we welcome Ro to the MTR Network family as she joins Kriss & Brandon to review Boy Erased. This film is based off the memoirs of Garrard Conley and tells his struggles growing up as a gay child in a Christian fundamentalist household after he's outted to his parents. While the film is good, what keeps it from being great are underdeveloped supporting characters and not delving deep enough into just how terrible the lead character's parents and the camps were. When dealing with a sensitive subject matter, it can be difficult to find where they line is so that the film doesn't go into torture porn (*cough* Detroit *cough*). The flip side to that is that not really getting into and addressing how terrible something is can sanitize the story. In Boy Erased, director Joel Edgerton made a deliberate choice to try to not paint Jared's parents as evil when they do evil things to this young man. Again, the film is good...but we can't help but think of how good the film could have been.

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