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We're back and we all kind of wish we'd stayed away. The conclusion of The Book of Rebellion is full of the inconsistencies and trite plot machinations that have been plaguing the sophomore season of Black Lightning. 

Jennifer and Khalil return home and despite the fact that Jefferson has been searching for a witness against Tobias, he and Henderson spend about two hours debating if they should help Khalil by putting him in witness protection. Once Khalil is handed off to federal agents, Black Lightning and Henderson wash their hands of the whole thing like two dumb post-9/11 George Bushes and Khalil is taken by Tobias.

Everything is coming up roses for Tobias. He gets Khalil and breaks his spine again. He also has Todd fully on his side and Todd is able to crack the briefcase MacGuffin from last season. It's an anti-climatic reveal as the briefcase seems to have information on specific Greenlight kids who may have powers. At this point, who knows if they're still alive or not. And there seems to be an implication that they were being held in the clinic that Rev. Clifton Powell refuses to sell to Tobias but if they are, who is monitoring them?

Despite some decent acting from China McClain (Jennifer) and Christine Adams (Lynn), the writing was so full of plotholes and issues, that this episode was wholly unsatisfying. We'll (hopefully?) be back at the end of the next arc, The Book of Secrets. But if Black Lightning doesn't make some improvements, this may go the way of Gotham.

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