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Black Lightning 2x02 -  The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues

Just a heads up, this episode was almost called "We Hate Anissa" because not only was the character on one this week but we're also consistently confounded as to how Anissa's character is being written. At this point, we need the writers to show not tell because everyone is telling me that Anissa is smart but no one has shown me any evidence to back up that hypothesis.

On this week's episode of Black Lightning, Jefferson and Anissa team up when one of the pod kids that Gambi scouted escapes and wreaks havoc with her power to cause windstorms. This reveals Anissa's hubris and obvious need for attention. Just like we said last week, Anissa is not in the superhero business because of altruism. Jefferson is also struggling with giving up his role as principal because they're handing over the reins to a white man. We've scoured the internet but there's no casting information about the incoming principal. All we know is that his name is Mike Lowry (no not that Mike Lowry) and next week's title is Master Lowry.

Jen and Lynn are dealing with their own issues. Khalil is coming around seeking forgiveness but Jen isn't with the shits. And Lynn is trying to balance her scientific curiosity with her compassion for the pod kids. We've got maybe 3 episodes before someone suggests using these kids powers "for good" i.e. making them government assassins.

Finally, Tobias is cleaning up loose ends which mainly involves killing everyone who's ever known him. What's his endgame? We discuss this, Jefferson's Lean On Me moment and more on the podcast.

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