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This week we reach the end of the Book of Blood as the fight between the Perdi and the Sange comes to a head. In many ways, this episode is a satisfying conclusion to the arc while at the same time dropping many important threads or glossing over issues that were presented for our characters.

Lynn is suddenly pulled out of her depression over the Greenlight babies in order to help Anissa with Anaya and the Sange babies. This is mainly so Anissa can give a lot of platitudes about mother/daughter relationships right before Anaya finds out her own mother is dead.

Jefferson and Gambi reunite and it's a beautiful moment but given that this "book" started with Gambi's attempted murder, it would have been nice to see more of his investigation and also WHY WEREN'T JEFFERSON AND ANISSA LOOKING FOR HIM INSTEAD OF RUNNING AROUND SOUTH FREELAND?

Finally, Jefferson and Lynn remember that they have another daughter just in time for her to have already run away. Once Khalil realizes that he ain't bout that life and he won't be killing the reverend, he has to get out of dodge and Jenn is primed to go with him after being on house arrest the past few weeks. Jenn also reveals her powers to Khalil in a Romeo and Juliet-esque moment so basically we've got two teen runaways with powers who are in love. Go ahead and make your CW jokes. I ship it.

We discuss all of this and more (warning: we totally go on a tangent about everything from Aquaman to Marvel Netflix) on the podcast. Join us in two weeks when we return to discuss The Book of Rebellion.

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