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This week's Arrow episode hits us with a big reveal: Mia is really Mia Smoak. Which means we have a lot of questions about how things work out in the future. How is it that William wasn't aware that he had a half sister (How did no one else know for that matter?)? Why does Mia use Felicity's last name and not Oliver's? What happens to cause such a split with the Queen family?

The flash forwards this season have brought us back to the feeling of having so many questions and theories about what is going to happen. Is it possible at some point the show does a flash forward and we are following the kids of the original Team Arrow? So many thoughts. 

William snitches to his grandparents on Oliver & Felicity while Oliver's old prison buddy Stanley shows up proving William's point. Dinah’s never going to get her shot as a contestant on The Voice and Curtis gets the fuck outta dodge. And Felicity got all that protection for the front door of her home but didn’t think to use any in the bedroom. Oh and….necessary roy flips back dawg

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