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Excluding the Arrow portion of the Elsewords crossover, Unmasked is the midseason break episode of Arrow and they threw in two big reveals:

  • Emiko Queen is the new Green Arrow that's been going around saving people. Ollie's got another sister
  • Diaz is still alive

Add Oliver finally putting the costume back on (minus the mask) and we're cooking on all cylinders. We have no idea where the story is going but we love everything so far. Oliver has to deal with the changes to Felicity that are really his fault. Also how long will he be able to operate as the Green Arrow out in the open, working for the Star City police department? And what scared Diggle and Lyla so much that they would go to Diaz for help? Also...who trained Emiko? We have so many questions and we'll have to wait until January to get the answers. 

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