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*I read the wrong episode number/title/synopsis at the beginning of this episode. I read the one for 15 not 16*

Here's the scary thing about Agents of SHIELD right now: Since the team has come back into the present, despite everything that's happened, the end of the world is still on track here. Jemma and Elena might think they're invincible but the truth is, no one on the team has ever really sat down and talked about everything they know about the future. To be fair, there's been a lot going on and they've been going from one fire to another. But at some point, they need to brain dump everything they know. Because right now this rogue team, plus Daisy bringing Robin into the fold, is just keeping the clock ticking down for the end of the world.

Also, poor young Strucker is thinking with the wrong body part when it comes to Ruby, who seems to be a little too enthusiastic about being the "Destroyer of Worlds". 

Coulson is forced to team up with unlikely allies to save the world, while his team try to track him down and rescue him.

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