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Welcome to Level 35! We're back to discuss this week's episode of Agents of Shield, A Life Earned. This is also the first episode since the news of the Disney buyout of 21st Century Fox and so we have plenty to talk about. First, for Agents of SHIELD, Coulson and May uncover what Kasius and the Kree are up to and it's not good. Mack remains the moral center for the team and we have to remember how painful the Framework was for him last season. There's also a really great tense scene with Kasius questioning Jemma and Daisy. Oh and Fitz is back (or is he?).
On the Disney buyout side, we discuss a lot from the concern trolling to how we could see the X-Men and Fantastic Four enter into the MCU. Kriss and Dpalm have some good ideas that you're not going to want to miss. 

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