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It's the end of April so it's time for another Mailbag episode. Kriss and Dpalm go through listener emails, hot topics and discuss their Pull-List for the month. The big topic for this episode: Action Comics #1000. Bendis seems to hint at going back to Krypton to redefine Superman's origins. Can he pull it off and why it makes us nervous. 

We recorded the Mailbag a bit early this time so we didn't get to see the BEAUTIFUL artwork in The Flash #45 which after discussing how the art in the previous books was a turnoff, is a welcomed surprise. 


  • Emails
    • What got us into comics?
    • Favorite comic henchmen and mini-bosses
    • Bringing the Bat-Family to the DCEU
  • News
    • Harley Quinn movie gets writer
    • Is Dark Phoenix the last X-Men movie at Fox?
    • Coates doubles down on the Black Panther/Storm relationship
  • Topic of the Show:
    • Action Comics #1000
  • Pull-List (Not the complete list)
    • DC
      • The Flash #44
      • Batman #45
      • Grant Morrison Batman
      • Green Arrow vol 1
    • Marvel
      • X-Men Red/Gold/Blue (basically all of them)
      • Rogue & Gambit #4
      • Domino #1
      • Thanos Rising (Jason Aaron)
      • Thanos #18
      • Mighty Thor #704 - #706
    • Other
      • The Wicked + The Divine
      • Superb
      • Noble

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