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Kev and Phenom review Inside Llweyn Davis

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Kriss & Kev review the midseason finale of Agents of SHIELD "The Bridge"

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Kriss & Kev review episode 5 of season1 of Almost Human, Blood Brothers.

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Kev, Kriss & Phenom review the second Hobbit movie, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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Kev & Phenom review Dallas Buyer's Club

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Kev & Phenom review the movie 12 Years a Slave

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Phenom & Kev review Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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Kriss & Kev review the latest episode of Almost Human: "The Bends"

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Kev & Kriss review episode 9 of Agents of SHIELD, "Repairs"

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Kriss & Kev review episode 3 of Almost Human

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