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Kriss, Kev & Phenom review the biggest dick tease movie of all time:  Godzilla

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Kriss, Kev & Phenom review episode 3 of 24 Live Another Day

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Kriss, Kev & Phenom review Seth Rogen & Zac Efron's latest movie, Neighbors

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Kriss, Kev & Phenom review the 2nd to last episode of season 1 of Agents of SHIELD:  Rag Tag

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Jack's back.  Kriss,Kev & Phenom review the return of Jack Bauer in 24: Live Another Day: Episodes 1 & 2 11:00 am to 1 pm.

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Kev, Kriss & Phenom review episode 20 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

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Kriss, Kev & Phenom review The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  A film that seems to be getting the "Man of Steel" treatment from critics but should be loved by true fans of Spider-Man

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Kriss, Kev & Sterling discuss Episode 3 of Season 1 of The Wolf Among Us video game. We have a really good discussion about various topics.  We start off reading some of the comments left about the last episode and listener's choices that differed from our own.  Then we talk about the choices we made in this episode.  This episode offers some pretty significant choices.  As with last time, leave a comment on the site if you made a choice different from ours and we'll read it on the next episode. 

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Kriss and Kev review episode 19 of Agents of SHIELD, The Only Light in Darkness

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Kriss & Kev review episode 18 of Agents of SHIELD:  Providence

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