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Oh my god, they really did it. They killed the Pats in such ridiculous fashion it almost doesn't feel real. But it is real. And it's spectacular.


  • LOLPats


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Stray bullets are flying everywhere this week.  Random assassins caught strays on Supergirl, where Lillian Luthor returns to avenge her daughter, attempting to take out Morgan Edge.  On Black Lightning, in the wake of Lawanda's funeral, Tobias plans to make a statement during a planned march.

The shows continue to be good, but we took some issue with some of the directing choices on Black Lightning this week that caused some confusion.  This did not take away from our enjoyment of either episode.

As always, Agents of Shield is at it's most fucked up when its either going into a break or coming out of one. Honestly, this might be a really deadly 3 episode arc since this episode goes into a month long break, then we come back from one then have the 100th episode. Expect a lot of tears forthcoming. 

In this episode, we were right about YoYo being the seer, Coulson is dying and while the Agents make it back to their timeline, it's not without some casualties.  Dek and Enoch go out like heroes while Pebbles...I mean Flint, might just end up putting the world back together piece by piece.

Some things we have to think about going forward:

  • How much is Daisy going to hate Coulson for forcing her to come back?
  • Does Daisy ever get her powers back?
  • What's killing Coulson and how does trying to save him lead to the beginning of the end?
  • What parts of the time loop do we see? Will Mack and Coulson end up dead? Does Simmons die? 

We truly have no idea what's going to happen next and it's so exciting.

The team has one final chance to return to their timeline, but their actions may have deadly consequences.

The theme of Arrow Season 6 has to be "Oliver is right" or "Just listen to Oliver". It's easy to pin down why people might not be too happy with this season because it feels like a rehash of previous seasons. But the truth is, we're getting a season that shows not only the growth of Oliver Queen but also why he's in charge. Yes, the new team is annoying and they are making a bunch of bone headed mistakes but these are mistakes that Oliver used to make and he's trying to show them the right way. Growth is Oliver not putting an arrow in Renee (he deserves it) or rubbing it in to Dinah that she made the wrong call to go after Vincent instead of stopping the bomb. The team is going to learn some harsh lessons real soon.

Oh and sorry Quentin, Earth-2 Laurel is now a full villain. Ain't no saving her now.

Oliver continues to battle Cayden James; when Dinah and Oliver have a major disagreement, one of their own is put in danger.

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Kriss is joined this episode by Aaron from the Black Astronauts Podcast network. This is yet another different Insanity Check where we drop some of our more familiar segments and just have a conversation. Kriss and Aaron give advice to new podcasters and creatives on how to build a community. They also talk about some of the tax and financial information that we don't learn as kids but probably should.

This is another informative episode that you're not going to want to miss.


  • Advice to people following their creative passions
  • Playing the long game
  • We need to teach financial literacy at a younger age
  • The new tax bill and how it could affect you
  • Getting money back for Taxes isn't actually a great thing
  • Father almost beats up Larry Nassar in court
  • Why Uma Thurman is angry (fuck Quentin Tarantino)
  • Monique's Netflix deal was way worse than her being underpaid

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*Note* Excuse the audio issues this episode. I was partly sick when recording this and didn't check my settings.*

We’re back! While our Summers Brothers episode was technically the first Character Corner of 2018, we recorded it in 2017, so this Lex Luthor episode is the first real episode of 2018. And you all are in for a treat. This episode is slightly different from our other Character Corners. We still go through the history of Lex but we spend more time really discussing and breaking down the core of the character. Unlike other DC characters, the core of Lex Luthor has strangely been consistent throughout his depictions. Sure his early first appearance in Action Comics #23 really set up as the ridiculous comic book villain stereotype, but the interesting thing about Lex is how his depiction mirrors the “stereotyped” bad guy of the era he’s in.  He’s been a ridiculous caricature of a bad guy in the 40’s, evil real estate billionaire, overweight and shrewd corporate exec and even a billionaire evil President. Each version might have a reworked background but for a DC character, he’s oddly enough very consistent in how he’s portrayed.
The basis of Lex is always his absurd hatred of Superman followed by his true belief that if not for Superman, he himself would be a good guy/hero. There are some really great non-canon stories that show this (Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and All-Star Superman for example). 
This is a great episode that you’re not gonna want to miss as we break down what makes Lex Luthor tick. Oh and Kriss makes it very clear, Lex doesn’t qualify for his “Villain Agenda”. Find out why.

Key Issues (we cover a lot more than what’s listed here):

  • Action Comics #43 - First Appearance
  • Non-Canon 
    • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel
    • All-Star Superman (Grant Morrison)
      • Issue #5 - Clark visits Lex in jail
  • The Man of Steel (1986) - John Byrne redesigns the character
    • Issue #4 - sets up a hostage situation on his own boat to try to hire Superman
  • The Death of Superman: Superman vol1 #149
  • Superman vol 2 #2 - Is told Clark Kent is Superman, doesn’t believe it
  • President Luthor
    • President Luthor: Secret Files & Origins
    • Our Worlds at War
    • Superman - Batman (Jeph Loeb)
      • Vol 1 - Public Enemies - Whole series is great, first 6 issues deal with the end of President Lex 
  • Superman: Birthright (Mark Waid)
  • Infinite Crisis
  • Fifty-Two
    • Issues 34 & 35 - Turns off the Everyman powers for citizens and makes it “rain bodies” on New Years 
  • New Krypton saga
    • Superman: New Krypton
    • Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton
    • Superman: War of the Supermen
  • Superman: The Black Ring
  • Forever Evil
  • Rebirth
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So since coming back from break we’ve been pretty hard on The Flash but Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash put the show back in the right direction. First, the preview for the episode didn’t really do it justice. This episode was more even toned and less campy than The Elongated Knight Rises. Speaking of that, this was the right amount of Ralph Dibny. He wasn’t the center focus like last episode, he wasn’t overbearing but he worked when used. 

There were three big things that worked for us with this episode:

  • While the episode doesn’t focus on Devoe, it begins and ends with Harry drawing the connections. First he’s upset that they don’t have a plan to get Barry out of jail and then at the end he starts drawing the connections between Dwarfstar and how this all can’t be random and has to relate to Devoe’s overall plan. So while Barry is “off the board”, the main story still has connections and moves forward.
  • The focus and heavy lifting was done by the Team Flash members we’ve always cared about. Cecile’s temporary telepathy gave us some good Joe West moments. Harry’s insecurity about not being smart enough to stop Devoe and feeling responsible for Barry being in jail was good as well.
  • Barry and hope. Barry Allen (or any Flash) and their overwhelming need to believe in hope despite all the terrible things that happen to them might seem like a flaw but it’s a key feature of the character and is straight from source material.

We definitely enjoyed this episode. There are still some issues (inconsistencies with Barry’s powers) and the end of the episode with Warden Wolfe should guarantee that Barry has to reveal his identity to the public (but it won’t), but overall, this puts The Flash back on track for us.

The team battle a meta who can shrink anything he touches; Cecile's pregnancy gives her temporary powers.

First Mailbag of 2018 and it’s extra spicy, just as we promised. We’re tackling head-on the idea that T’Challa and Ororo (Storm) represent black love and excellence and should be together. That’s wrong, very wrong and we break down why. From the shoehorned way it was done and bad writing, to erasing Monica Lynne to the hard truths that no one wants to talk about (Ororo was raised in Harlem not Cairo). We’re taking on the Storm/T’Challa truthers and holding nothing back.


  • Emails
    • Everyone is excited for Black Panther
    • Who makes for a better couple in a movie than T’Challa and Ororo?
    • Favorite “Back of the closet” series
    • 5 X-Men movies/storylines for getting the X-Men back to where they should be
    • Jon Malin doesn’t understand the X-Men
  • Topic of the Day: Storm deserves more respect than slapping her into a marriage with T’Challa

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're back!

Trying to reconcile a crazy week damn near drove me mad, so I didn't want to expose anyone else to the levels of ridiculousness within sports. From Michigan State to the XFL to Boogie Cousins' Achilles exploding, not a whole lot to cheer about in real sports. No one is allowed to ask me why I love wrestling, because at least the WWE wants me to go home happy. Or do they?




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The first season of Fox’s The Gifted has come to a close and what a season. If you told me that a X-Men TV show without the actual X-Men with the focus on a family with two mutant children would be the best live action X-Men we’ve ever gotten, I would have called you crazy. But here we are. The entire season was great but the last 3 episodes put the icing on the cake. We find out the Cuckcoos represent the Hellfire Club and plan to fight back by recruiting some of the Mutant Underground. It sets up next season to have a showdown between the two ideologies that are core to the X-Men/Mutant story without having Professor X or Magneto on screen.


  • Andy’s slow turn to the dark side. Darth Andy is here
  • Jace Turner officially goes full villain (and we can’t blame him)
  • Polaris’ bipolar disorder and the way the show hands it
  • The sneaky underhanded nature of the Cuckoos
  • The Reed parents are finally earning their keep
  • One ship is on the rocks but the other heats up
  • Purifiers, a Humanity First hate convention and all the reasons the humans are terrible

Make sure you subscribe to Super Tuesday Recap to get all of our reviews for this first season and stay tuned, we will be back to review season 2 and we can’t wait.

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