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Legends of Tomorrow continues to be an awesome show. This show finds a way to balance being fun and silly and also giving us some serious, emotional moments. In this episode, we find out why the Legends have been having to go around fixing time and how it relates to Mallus. One simple explanation and now all the previous episodes that didn't seem to have a connection to the big bad, do now. It's been brilliant storytelling and just makes the show fun. 

Other things of note:

  • Damien Darhk in a terrible wig that we can only assume is the show acknowledging Oliver's terrible flashback wigs
  • The Wally West we deserve
  • Addressing the tension between Damien and Nora since Damien served her up to be the host to a demon
  • What's going on with Ava? Is she a robot?


Focuses on time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter, who has to recruit a rag-tag team of heroes and villains to help prevent an apocalypse that could impact not only Earth, but all of time.

On March 12th, Marvel and Stitcher Premium are releasing a 10-episode scripted series called Wolverine: The Long Night.  It’s Marvel’s first serious foray into podcasting. Just go to and use the code 'TUESDAY' to get a free month of Stitcher Premium to enjoy not only Wolverine: The Long Night but also ad-free listening and bonus episodes from other podcasts. 

It's been way too long but we're finally here to wrap up Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery with the last 3 episodes (What's Past is Prologue, The War Without, The War Within and Will You Take My Hand).  We discuss what we thought of these three episodes and our thoughts on the series as a whole (as well as how fast we will drop CBS All Access while we wait for Season 2)

  • Kriss trolls The Doctor over her Burnham-Ash ship crashing and burning
  • Michelle Yeoh Kicks
  • The action pakced episode 13
  • Is Lorca really dead?
  • Tilly & Saru really grew on us
  • Star Fleet almost giving up
  • How the show begins and ends with the journey of Burnham
  • Discovery meets Enterpise? yes please.
  • What we want to see in Season 2

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The Black Lightning crew gets together for another #ThirstCast. This time we love up on the beautiful cast of Black Panther and leave the hot takes at the door.

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Another big week here at UDPod as MTR's editor in chief wraps up a very busy podcasting week by stopping by the sports corner of the network. We remind everyone that Conor McGregor will never step foot into the octagon again, the continued case for LeBron James as the GOAT and discuss the absolute weirdness that is the NFL Combine. Plus, is this the year that we see collective action disrupt the NCAA's biggest money making event?


Kriss - @insanityreport - You Know


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After a month break, Agents of SHIELD is back and it's all hands on deck.Gotta hand it to them, no show comes out of break better than Agents of SHIELD. This show doesn't pull any punches and just because the Agents are back in the present doesn't make them safer. Ok seriously I'll stop with hand/arm puns now.

We finally get more on General Hill and it seems that she's putting together her own team. YoYo gets closer to her comic book counterpart and Coulson isn't going to make it out of this season alive. Oh and Deke's still alive and now in this time period too because...why not.

We have no idea what's going to happen next. Episode 100 is next and we know it's going to throw us for a loop. Also, time to pick up Secret Warriors again cause with YoYo's arms gone, Creel coming back and the way this whole thing is going, there might be some clues in that series.

Coulson and his team are out to rewrite the fate of humanity but they are unaware how the changes will affect one S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's life.

So this episode of Arrow (Collision Course) isn't the greatest but we'll continue to watch it over and over again just to what Rene get what he's had coming him. Look, the new team is stupid. Real stupid. We get that the writers are trying to show that this new team is going through the same learning process Oliver did but, they're so damn dumb. They keep trying to have a moral high ground but every reason they use is just wrong. 

But hey, we got to see Oliver kick Rene into a tree and put him out of commission, so it's not all bad.

Oliver, Diggle and Felicity disagree with Dinah, Curtis and Rene on how to handle Black Siren. The two teams face off and a fight ensues.

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We're one episode away from the 600th Insanity Check. But before that, Kriss is running a gauntlet of podcasting with 7 days straight of podcasting and what better way to bring that run to a close than with the person he talks to most with: Host of the Unanimous Decision Podcast, Dpalm

Look the world didn't end with Dpalm being a guest this week but you know we can never just do a regular show. So we threw out the show notes and we covered a bunch of random (but oddly related things) from the Oscars still having a problem with black movies to Michael Steele realizing his party is racist to the stupidity with the "gun debate".  We even throw in some comic book talk. Like I said, we were all over the place but it was a great show so make sure you subscribe and listen.

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The last of our Oscar Awards shows before the actual Oscars. We’re discussing the top dog awards (Best Director and Best Picture). But before we get to all that, we have to discuss what we’ve been hinting at the last 2 shows and has become a reality: The Oscar Voters are full of shit.

We discuss the articles that have come out about anonymous voters admitting to things like not even watching Get Out and the bias that we’ve seen since before OscarsSoWhite. It also explains a lot of the strange nominations we’ve seen (Mary J Blige got nominated but Jason Mitchell didn’t? Why is Denzel nominated?).
So who do we think will take Best Director and Best Picture? We talk about who we are rooting for and why we know it just won’t happen. Maybe we’ll be surprised.
We’ll be back after the Oscars to discuss the winners and also the films that didn’t make the cut but we still want to discuss (And we’ll finally have that Three Billboards discussion as well).
Best Director
  • Christopher Nolan -Dunkirk 
  • Get Out - Jordan Peele
  • Lady Bird - Greta Gerwig
  • Phantom Thread - Paul Thomas Anderson
  • The Shape of Water - Guillermo del Toro
Best Picture
  • Call Me By Your Name
  • Darkest Hour
  • Dunkirk
  • Get Out
  • Lady Bird
  • Phantom Thread
  • The Post
  • The Shape of Water
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
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Welcome back to a special episode of Secret Sauce. On today's episode the ladies of MTR (Shanna, The Doctor, Coqui, Ashanti and I) review the #1 movie in the world Black Panther.  We discuss:

  • The phenomenon of the movie
  • Thirst trappin
  • Who we resonated with
  • Killmonger
  • Our favorite moments
  • How important this movie is to black kids of all ages.

Shanna also had a black woman shoutout to @Kutula a company owned by black women who have been styling celebrities involved with Black Panther. They can be found on Instagram.

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We are back to discuss the weakest episode of the season.  It was a little message heavy, a little problematic, and not as well acted as it could have been. However, Gambi has a lot of explaining to do-first Tobias and now Lady E?  Hmmm.

In this episode Lynn and Jefferson discover Anissa has powers as she and Jefferson go toe to toe during a rescue mission, Jennifer is betrayed by Khalil, who has jumped on the villain agenda a little too smoothly, and Tobias is not impressed by people bleeding on his floor. Also, a showdown with Lady E has to be on the horizon.


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