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Transformers 4 review
Michael Bay doesn't care about critics
You loved movies as a kid because you were stupid
Video Game Movies have been terrible
More Crazy Dating stories
Marc Lamont Hill gets called a bitch

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Phenom & Ashley review 'Think Like a Man Too'

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Kriss & Sterling discuss Episode 4 of Season 1 of The Wolf Among Us video game.  This episode slowly starts to reveal more about how much of Fabletown the Crooked Man is controlling.  There's a lot of shady business going on.  Sterling & Kriss ended up making many of the same decisions so if you visited places in a different order, let us know what happened in your playthrough in our comment section. 

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Kriss & Kev review 22 Jump Street starring Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum

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Kriss & Phenom review The Fault in our Stars starring Shailene Woodely and Ansel Elgort.

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Phenom & Kriss review 'Edge of Tomorrow' starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt

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Kriss, Phenom and Ashley review Disney's Maleficent

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Kev and Phenom review Blended starring Sandler and Barrymore.

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