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This time on the Character Corner we’re finally talking about The Batman. We’ve talked around Batman for a while now. We covered him a bit in our Suicide Squad Character Corner, then the Rogue Wars episode on is villains. We’ve also covered one Robin and all of the Batgirls and even Batwoman. So it’s about time we finally dive into discussing the big guy himself.

We’ll be breaking this out into three parts. For this first part we cover the early years of Batman up to the introduction of Tim Drake as Robin. That’s about forty years of history from 1939 when he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 to the late 80’s and A Lonely Place of Dying. We also spend some time addressing the tragic story of Bill Finger who for the longest time was the uncredited creator of not just Batman but a lot of Batman’s villains as well as the classic conceptions we associate with the character. If you have Hulu, you should definitely check out Batman & Bill that goes into way more detail over how poorly DC treated Bill Finger and how everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.


  • Writer Bill Finger
    • Detective Comics #27 – The Case of the Chemical Syndicate – First Appearance
    • Detective Comics #29 – First Utility Belt
    • Detective Comics #31 – First batarang and first bat-themed vehicle
    • Detective Comics #33 – First telling of origin
    • Detective Comics #38 - First Appearance of Robin (Dick Grayson)
    • Batman #1 – First Appearance of The Joker & Catwoman
  • Superman #76 – First teamup with Superman
  • World’s Finest Comics
  • The Brave and the Bold #28 – Joins JLA
  • Tales of the Demon (1971-1980)
    • Detective Comics #411 – First appearance of Talia Al Ghul
    • Batman #232 – Daughter of the Demon (First appearance of Ra’s al Ghul)
    • Batamn #235
    • Batman #240
    • Batman #242
    • Batman #243
    • Batman #244 – The Demon Lives Again
    • DC Special Series #15
    • Detective Comics #489
    • Detective comics #490
  • Strange Apparitions
    • Detective Comics #469-479
  • Batman #357 – First appearance of Jason Todd (Pre-Crisis)
  • Batman #366 – First Appearance of pre-Crisis Jason Todd as Robin
  • Batman #408 – First Appearance of post-Crisis Jason Todd
  • Batman #410 – Post-Crisis Jason Todd as Robin
  • The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller)
  • The Killing Joke
  • Batman: Year One (Frank Miller)
  • Batman: Death in the Family
  • Batman #436 – First appearance of Tim Drake
  • A Lonely Place of Dying
    • Batman #440
    • New Titans #60
    • Batman #441
    • New Titans #61
    • Batman #442 First Appearance of Tim Drake as Robin

Short list of some of Bill Finger’s Batman Creations:

  • Batman
  • Joker
  • The Penguin
  • Scarecrow
  • Two-Face
  • The Riddler
  • The Calendar Man
  • Gotham City

Part 2 of this series we’ll take a break from the comics and go into some of the other media interpretations of Batman and then we’ll return for the rest of the comic history for Part 3.

On March 12th, Marvel and Stitcher Premium are releasing a 10-episode scripted series called Wolverine: The Long Night.  It’s Marvel’s first serious foray into podcasting. Just go to and use the code 'TUESDAY' to get a free month of Stitcher Premium to enjoy not only Wolverine: The Long Night but also ad-free listening and bonus episodes from other podcasts. 

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We're one episode away from the 600th Insanity Check. But before that, Kriss is running a gauntlet of podcasting with 7 days straight of podcasting and what better way to bring that run to a close than with the person he talks to most with: Host of the Unanimous Decision Podcast, Dpalm

Look the world didn't end with Dpalm being a guest this week but you know we can never just do a regular show. So we threw out the show notes and we covered a bunch of random (but oddly related things) from the Oscars still having a problem with black movies to Michael Steele realizing his party is racist to the stupidity with the "gun debate".  We even throw in some comic book talk. Like I said, we were all over the place but it was a great show so make sure you subscribe and listen.

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We're back with another Character Corner. This time we're doing double the trouble with two classic X-Men villains: Apocalypse and Mister Sinister. It's actually pretty fitting that we do these two at this point. We recently did an episode on the Summers brothers, Scott & Alex. And we're also planning on doing an episode on Cable and the rest of the Summers bloodline. Throwing Sinister and Apocalypse in between those two seems pretty fitting considering how tied these villains are to the Summers clan. So in this episode we skip over some stuff but only because we'll be diving into more detail when we do that other episode.

The interesting thing about Apocalypse and Mister Sinister is how due to their longevity they've been incorporated into almost everything. Some for the good and some for the bad. But their tale is one that spans generations and overall, is pretty damn good. So sit back and give this episode a listen to find out just out evil these two are.

And for the record, we should make it very clear, neither of these characters are #VillainAgenda. They're just pure evil. It's like Hitler and Josef Mengele. 

Oh and Louise Simonson is a national fucking hero. Put some respect on her name.

Key Issues:


  • X-Factor Volume 1
    • Issue #5 – First Cameo
    • Issues #6 – First full appearance
    • Issue #15 = First appearance of The Horsemen
    • Issue #24 – Archangel revealed as Death
    • Issues #65 – 68
      • First appearance of the Dark Riders
      • Infects baby Nate Summers with techno-organic virus
    • Cable Volume 1
      • #75
    • X-Cutioner’s Song
    • Cable Vol 2 #19 – Resurrected
    • Age of Apocalypse
    • The Twelve
    • Uncanny X-Force

Mister Sinister

  • Mutant Massacre
    • Uncanny X-Men #213 – Sabretooth first mentions the character
    • Uncanny X-M3n #221 – First appearance
  • Inferno
    • Uncanny X-Men #241 – Reveals that he cloned Madelyne Pryor from Jean Grey
    • X-Factor #39 – Cyclops “Destroys”
  • Classic X-Men #41 – 42
  • X-Factor
    • #74 & #75 – The Nasty Boys
  • X-Cutioner’s Song (1992-1993)
  • X-Men #23 – Brothers
  • The Further Adventures of Phoenix and Cyclops
  • Cable Annual 1999
  • Gambit Ties
    • X-Men Volume 2 #6 – Sabretooth suggests that he has ties to Remy
    • X-Men #41 – 45
    • Uncanny X-Men #350
    • Gambit #13 – 23
      • Explains some of Sinister’s new powers including shapeshifting (got them from experimenting on Courier)
    • X-Men 99 – 103
    • Messiah Complex
      • Mystique “kills” him
    • X-Men Legacy #211 – 214
      • Xavier Ties
    • X-23
    • Uncanny X-Men #544
    • Uncanny X-Men #14 - 17 (AvX Tie-In)

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Kriss is joined by Rich (@RichJones15) to talk about the last couple of crazy weeks. From the high of Black Panther to the lows of yet another mass shooting in America. 


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Kriss is joined this episode by Aaron from the Black Astronauts Podcast network. This is yet another different Insanity Check where we drop some of our more familiar segments and just have a conversation. Kriss and Aaron give advice to new podcasters and creatives on how to build a community. They also talk about some of the tax and financial information that we don't learn as kids but probably should.

This is another informative episode that you're not going to want to miss.


  • Advice to people following their creative passions
  • Playing the long game
  • We need to teach financial literacy at a younger age
  • The new tax bill and how it could affect you
  • Getting money back for Taxes isn't actually a great thing
  • Father almost beats up Larry Nassar in court
  • Why Uma Thurman is angry (fuck Quentin Tarantino)
  • Monique's Netflix deal was way worse than her being underpaid

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*Note* Excuse the audio issues this episode. I was partly sick when recording this and didn't check my settings.*

We’re back! While our Summers Brothers episode was technically the first Character Corner of 2018, we recorded it in 2017, so this Lex Luthor episode is the first real episode of 2018. And you all are in for a treat. This episode is slightly different from our other Character Corners. We still go through the history of Lex but we spend more time really discussing and breaking down the core of the character. Unlike other DC characters, the core of Lex Luthor has strangely been consistent throughout his depictions. Sure his early first appearance in Action Comics #23 really set up as the ridiculous comic book villain stereotype, but the interesting thing about Lex is how his depiction mirrors the “stereotyped” bad guy of the era he’s in.  He’s been a ridiculous caricature of a bad guy in the 40’s, evil real estate billionaire, overweight and shrewd corporate exec and even a billionaire evil President. Each version might have a reworked background but for a DC character, he’s oddly enough very consistent in how he’s portrayed.
The basis of Lex is always his absurd hatred of Superman followed by his true belief that if not for Superman, he himself would be a good guy/hero. There are some really great non-canon stories that show this (Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and All-Star Superman for example). 
This is a great episode that you’re not gonna want to miss as we break down what makes Lex Luthor tick. Oh and Kriss makes it very clear, Lex doesn’t qualify for his “Villain Agenda”. Find out why.

Key Issues (we cover a lot more than what’s listed here):

  • Action Comics #43 - First Appearance
  • Non-Canon 
    • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel
    • All-Star Superman (Grant Morrison)
      • Issue #5 - Clark visits Lex in jail
  • The Man of Steel (1986) - John Byrne redesigns the character
    • Issue #4 - sets up a hostage situation on his own boat to try to hire Superman
  • The Death of Superman: Superman vol1 #149
  • Superman vol 2 #2 - Is told Clark Kent is Superman, doesn’t believe it
  • President Luthor
    • President Luthor: Secret Files & Origins
    • Our Worlds at War
    • Superman - Batman (Jeph Loeb)
      • Vol 1 - Public Enemies - Whole series is great, first 6 issues deal with the end of President Lex 
  • Superman: Birthright (Mark Waid)
  • Infinite Crisis
  • Fifty-Two
    • Issues 34 & 35 - Turns off the Everyman powers for citizens and makes it “rain bodies” on New Years 
  • New Krypton saga
    • Superman: New Krypton
    • Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton
    • Superman: War of the Supermen
  • Superman: The Black Ring
  • Forever Evil
  • Rebirth
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This is a special Insanity Check. This week Kriss was reminded that he launched his first website, which then led to the Insanity Check podcast, 11 years ago. He's joined by Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips and they talk about what got them into Podcast, what lessons they've learned and give advice to those who want to start. They also reminisce about the infamous 4LOKO Podcast Party.


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We’re back with the latest Insanity Check episode and we have a lot to talk about. It’s no longer funny: We really have to discuss this whole Sex Bot thing going on. Make no mistake, sex bots will be what kill us all. I’m not even joking. It all goes down from here. 

Oh and we end this episode by scaring the shit out of you. You're welcome.


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Mid-Week Mini-Insanity Check content. I wanted to take a minute to comment on some of the things I've been seeing surrounding the white washing of the #MeToo movement. The bottom line is we have to stop using black women for their ideas while refusing to not only give them recognition but support.

I also comment on the Aziz Ansari situation, R Kelly, Bill Cosby and more. Make sure you check out some of the content from Black Women below who can go into way more depth, nuance and are infinitely more qualified to talk about this subject than I am.

Tarana Burke talking about #MeToo

Safety Pin Box

Shanna from MTR Network & Project Fandom: Your Fav Is Problematic...Yes Him Too


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We're back with a new episode of the Insanity Check. This week Kriss is joined by Dpalm so you know this show is going to go off the rails. But we actually keep it pretty civil. Kriss doesn't even troll Dpalm about Georgia's collapse in the National Championship Game. He's a good friend.


  • Thank you to all our supporters
  • Deadpool 2 moves up its date
  • Gambit loses its third director & New Mutants gets delayed 10 months (not good folks, not good)
  • Trump confuses Haiti  and African Nations for his own mouth and calls them a "shithole"
  • At this point, the real problem with Trump are all the shitty people around him (Pence, Paul Ryan, Stephen Miller)
  • No, we don't need (or really want) Oprah as President
  • Rapid Fire Quick rants
  • Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro?
    • Male sexbots are coming

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