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Todays episode features Anita and Sharifa from Tranquil Ashes and Pastel Dots:

  • They were a part of Universal Fan Con and had vending tables at both WICOMICON and Great Philly Comic Con
  • Both ladies have been cosplayers for years
  • They have an event in September called The Cosgala Masquerade Ball

Please help to support these ladies who are organizing to create a fun place for cosplayers of color

Social Media:

Twitter: @thecosgala

Facebook: the cosgala

Instagram: @thecosgala

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Welcome back luvs to a new episode of Secret Sauce! Today I had two special guests: The Doctor from our very own network and Kay from Kutula by africana a boutique located in Los Angeles California.

**If you are a black woman affected by the UFC please contact us at so we can get you on the mic. I would love to signal boost your business to help you recoup your costs as much as possible.**

In addition. PHILADELPHIA COMIC CON is honoring any ticketholder from UFC to come to their Friday show April 27 for free and half off on a pass for Sunday April 29. WICOMICON is also having a popup show on Saturday April 28 go to for more information.

The Doctor and I discuss

  • the latest in TV
  • Some reflection on our favorite Prince songs
  • Universal FanCon debacle
  • black woman shoutout

During my interview with Kay from Kutula by africana we discuss

  • the origins of her family business
  • working on the black panther set and
  • dressing celebrities
  • business lessons learned
  • black woman shoutout

Kutula by Africana Instagram


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Welcome back to Secret Sauce! On this episode my guest Diane from Blk Proverbs and I talk a lil politics in Chicago and then jump into the almost intimidating world of How to Start a Business

Starting a business involves so much:

  • Questions you have
  • Doing research
  • Development of your idea
  • Getting the dough
  • Paperwork

Diane and I also share some of the best (and worst) advice we've gotten about starting a business. We end the show talking about Ida b wells (Check out her books red record and mob rule in new orleans) and Robyn Kelly

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Welcome back to a special episode of Secret Sauce. On today's episode the ladies of MTR (Shanna, The Doctor, Coqui, Ashanti and I) review the #1 movie in the world Black Panther.  We discuss:

  • The phenomenon of the movie
  • Thirst trappin
  • Who we resonated with
  • Killmonger
  • Our favorite moments
  • How important this movie is to black kids of all ages.

Shanna also had a black woman shoutout to @Kutula a company owned by black women who have been styling celebrities involved with Black Panther. They can be found on Instagram.

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Ashanti (DocuDrunks and Scarestalgia) and I interview Devyn C. from Nyvedna Productions, a consummate cosplayer who made fabric to celebrate Black Panther and we discussed:

  • What got her into cosplay
  • What costumes she's created
  • How she gets inspired
  • How did cosplay translate into forming a business
  • Where she sees her business going in the future
  • Her Dora Milaje costume
  • Our current loves and hates
  • Our black women shoutouts
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Welcome back to Secret Sauce! Happy New Year! On this episode my co-host Diane from BLK Proverbs. We talk about a wide range of topics. Obviously a new year means everyone has New Year "Resolutions" and we discuss what our goals and motivations for the year are. We talk about what it's like to be stuck at a job you hate and finally being able to take the leap to building your own brand and business. Not everyone has the opportunity to do it but sometimes you need to take that leap to do what makes you happy. We also touch on The Crown, Proud Mary, Black Panther and yes, even 45's ridiculousness in the White House. You won't want to miss this episode. 

In addition to the chat with Diane I also have two interviews throughout this episode:

  • I interviewed Kiara Madison of Madison Square Bakery who started selling her baked goods in high school and is successfully juggling her business and being a full time college student.  Check out her instagram account @madisonsqbakery. 
  • To get our year started right, I interviewed  Ashley Chatman a certified fitness coach from Fit Body by Ashley.  Ashley is passionate on helping women get fit while having fun and has a variety of resources available so that you can join her. Diane's black woman shoutout.
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Welcome back to Secret Sauce! We change up the format of the show a bit as we continue to play around with different ways of celebrating black women. I am joined this episode by Tea from Fandom City and discussed sexual assaults on black women, when body shaming goes wrong and a change of heart. I then take a bit of a break to to interview Diane Liston from Styles of Imagination an award winning clothing manufacturer and designer from Cleveland Ohio. In my interview with Diane we talk about her first creation, her tenacity for success and why she believes sewing is a lost trade.

Award winning fashion designer and clothing manufacturer Diane Liston has been in business for years under the Styles of Imagination umbrella. She has become extremely successful with clothing in over 15 boutiques across the company under the signature line NGU (which stands for 'Never Give Up').  She has also been featured in more than 20 magazines, highlighted on local TV and given opportunities to work with local and national celebrities like John Legend and Dwight Eubanks from the Atlanta Housewife franchise. A mentor in her community Ms. Liston advises to be a little aggressive to be successful in business and drops some entrepreneurial gems on the show.

As a gift to the listeners of Secret Sauce Ms. Liston is giving a 15% discount on her website using coupon code Nov2017.  


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Welcome back to episode 7 of Secret Sauce! On the show today we start with an article that is focused on empowering young black women to take control of their lives: sexually, physically and emotionally. Then we meet Graeme Seabrook a life coach who wants each of us to take more time to take care of ourselves. She has a virtual retreat coming up called Self Care in Color on October 16th and you are invited! Lastly we listen to a little stand up comedy from the hilarious Janelle James. Her new album Black and Mild is out and you need to own it. Thank you for joining us!!


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Welcome to a bonus episode of Secret Sauce! To celebrate the release of our 5th episode I thought it would be alot of fun to get the ladies of MTR together to discuss any and everything on our minds. We had a blast discussing sex, recommendations, comic books and Girls Trip but we were definitely missing an important member from the MTR Network...Coqui from Molecules and Shit. Come join the fun!


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Welcome back to episode 5 of Secret Sauce! To begin, we start with our very first review. Thanks Rich! Next we get to know someone special to the MTR Network, Attorney Susan Berry. Then a short segment on 'manhating' and finally we talk to Val Rich, a talented clairvoyant. Thank you for listening.


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